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 Danila Tarcinale and Russell Lownsbrough are the creators of

The Travelling Jewellery Emporium

Who are Tarcinale and Lownsbrough ?

 The origins of Tarcinale and Lownsbrough are lost in the mists of time. What is known is that for many thousands of years this quixotic creative team has laboured unceasingly, pushing their supernatural wax-carving and jewel making abilities to the limit, to enable the multiverse's finest designers to ascend to the jewellery firmament and shine like the stars they are.

It has been rightly observed that while their clients are bathed in glory, they themselves languish in almost complete obscurity, their names unknown and rarely spoken except in hushed tones and behind closed doors. They are a closely guarded secret that their clients are wisely unwilling to share.

Tarcinale and Lownsbrough feel that this is an oversight in sore need of correction, and so to this end in what feels like an aeon and just for a change, they have pleased themselves. They hope that you too find the results as pleasurable as they have.

 Another, and frankly much less believable, story is that they are Central St. Martin's alumni , and have shared a studio since they met in 1992 at Jess James, the avant-garde jewellery shop that pioneered the jewellery boutique format so popular today.

A mutual interest in body-piercing led to a collaboration that revolutionised the piercing industry and led to the world's first comprehensive collection of precious body-piercing jewellery in gold and gemstones. When Naomi Campbell brought body-piercing to the attention of the world's media, it was with their jewellery in her navel.

Their work has been exhibited in Britain and abroad and has appeared in books, on tv, in music videos, on stage, in the British Museum and the Tate Britain. They have won numerous awards and accolades, both for themselves and for their clients, collaborated with artists and many of the top designers and jewellery houses in the country. The list of celebrities who have worn their work is far too long to list here, especially if one takes into account the work done for their professional clients, but it encompasses film, rock and sports stars, comedians, models, MP's, lords and royalty. Their client list is of course confidential.

The juxtaposition of Danila's dynamic nature and stylish Italian cultural background with Russell's reserved but twisted English essence has produced a curious, occasionally chaotic, but diabolically creative fusion.