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  1. Here's a new addition coming soon to the Cabinet of Transtemporal Curiosities. A replica of a particularly fine 17th Century Memento Mori Ring.

    The piece was initially carved as two components, the skull and one half of the shank. From these two master patterns moulds were made and wax versions were pieced together before being cast using the 'lost wax' casting process. A process we jewellers have been using for around 6000 years. The cast silver version was then selectively polished, satinised, gold plated and 'antiqued'.

    Here are some images from the process.

     memento mori ring 1   memento mori ring 2

       memento mori ring 3     memento mori ring 4


  2. Regular visitors wil have noticed that we've not been adding anything for a little while. The reason is that we have moved. property developers bought the building in Hatton Garden where we have had our studio for the last 10 years. So for the entire summer, besides keeping our clients happy, we've been building a new one in historic and fashionable Clerkenwell. Our old stomping ground, green, serene and full of great cafes, pubs and restaurants.

    But we'll be back to our regular activities now that we're a bit more settled agian.