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Welcome To The Travelling Jewellery Emporium

Roll up, roll up, Ladies and Gentlemen....

Those cunning artisans of the bespoke and the bizarre, Ms Danila Tarcinale and Mr Russell Lownsbrough, at considerable expense proudly present the digital version of their much admired Travelling Jewellery Emporium. Here you'll find jewellery by multi award winning veteran goldsmiths with a lifetime's passion for their craft and you'll have the opportunity to...

Discover the marvellous marine delights of forgotten Atlantean realms in the Nereid Collection. Peruse Pirate plunder and archaeological finds of Ancient Egypt.

Rummage in the attic of the mind and contemplate the dusty relics there uncovered in the Memories Collection. Find out what's a the bottom of The Garden. 

Marvel at the brand new vintage of the modular and meta-revivalist Neo-Victorian Collection. Unearth the ephemera, mementos and keepsakes of a Time-traveller in The Cabinet of Transtemporal Curiosities. Signets and Symbols and Chef Knives.





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